To play Quasar, players are equipped with a laser gun which is attached to a battery powered chest and back pack. The laser gun emits an infra-red beam that not only transmits a signal to opposing players when they are hit but also provides a stunning visual effect.

When a player is hit the front pack vibrates, the hit lights come on and for a period of 3 seconds the player cannot be hit nor can they shoot. During the next 3 seconds, the player can be hit but still cannot shoot back. Throughout this period a speech eprom in the gun will inform players of their status.

Quasar can be played as either an individual or team game. The object of the game is to score points by firing accurately at opponents and deactivating the H.Q. At the beginning of the game, players need to pass through an energiser in order to activate their packs. This also gives players their lives and lasers and may be used throughout the game.

At the end of the game each player must go back through the energiser to download, so that they can receive an accurate Quasar data sheet. An example of this data score sheet including a full explanation can be found below.


One of the more important aspects of Q2000 is the weapon select button. This allows players to select different types of weapon during the game. The 8 different weapon types are explained below.


Bonuses can be gained by shooting opposing players and from deactivating their H.Q. The gun will notify the player when they have gained a bonus. The 4 bonus modes are explained below.


The Q2000 scoring mechanism allows players to be rewarded or deducted points in a variety of ways. This can also be adjusted to suit the players. The scoring criteria are explained below.

The basic gun – it fires, it kills players. This is the only gun that will be reloaded at an energiser after the start of the game, unless the game options are adjusted.

When the trigger is held down the gun will fire repeatedly, laying waste to all in its path. This is a very popular weapon with the younger players.

As long as a player has at least one life left when they are hit with an armour piercing shot it will kill them no matter what their gun is saying. In other words, it will shoot clean through shields. Armour piercing also shoots through Team Relay and Invincibility.

Smart Bombs fire in all directions from a pack, killing any opposing players that are within range. Friendly players are no affected. This weapon is disabled for solo games.

These are similar to Smart Bombs except that they will kill anyone within range. This is the only weapon that will take lives from friendly players.

When an enemy player is hit with a ricochet round, their pack and gun will repeat the incoming shot that hit them. Just like firing a Smart Bomb. Anyone hit by this repeated shot then in turn repeats the same signal. Huge chain reactions can be started by firing a single ricochet round into a group of enemy players.

Holding down the trigger initially has no effect, but when a player moves in front of the barrel, the gun will open fire on them. Homing shots are not the most effective at close range, but at long range they can be very fast and accurate.

With Team Relay selected you cannot fire or be hit by the opposition (unless they shoot you with an armour piercing round). A clock will start counting down on the back of the gun showing how much Team Relay time you have left. During this time incoming friendly shots are relayed back out from the barrel of the gun. Since the ammunition value for this gun indicates a period of activity time there is no limit to the number of incoming shots that can be relayed. The timer freezes when a different weapon is selected. This weapon is not available for solo games.

Every time the trigger is pulled, the gun will fire the number of bonus shots specified over a period of 1 second. Only a single shot is deducted from the weapon ammunition counter for the entire set of bonus shots.

All of the pack and gun lights turn off, apart from a single light on the back pack. This allows the for players to move in the darkness and creep up on the opposition. Alternatively, they may pretend to be out of lives and walk past the opposition only to shoot them in the back.

A Clean kill (ie. a “Good Shot” kill) results in the aggressor gaining the life (or lives) and standard shots of the victim. The gun will say “Looting” when this takes place. This bonus can be combined with deactivator for maximum effect.

When a player becomes charged they receive a fresh set of lives (equal to the lives they were reloaded with at their last energise), their pack and gun lights change sequence and their rear display flahes the letters “SU”. This bonus should be combined with the HQ Supercharge option, resulting in a more tactical game in which players must charge before deactivating the HQ.

+ 2000 points per player
+ 2 points per team

Points gained for hitting a player on the opposite team (any player in a solo game).

-500 points per player
-1 points per team

Points lost for hitting a player on your own team.

-500 points per player
-1 points per team

Points lost for being hit by an opposing player.

0 points lost for being hit by a player on your own team.

+5000 points per player
+10 points per team

Points gained for deactivating the HQ.

Points gained for deactivating a Power Up Point.

Points lost for being hit by a HQ or Power Up Point.